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Bleeding and Clotting Disorders

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I am thirty five years old. I have noticed that my periods are heaver. There are a lot of big blood clots. I just want to find out if this is normal? In the past I have been pregnant ten times. I do have two children out of the ten pregnancy. I had to receive four D@C. My doctor informed me that there was a lot of blood clots. That he felt that was why I lost my baby`s. I had to give my self shots of heparin during the first trimester. That is how two of my pregnancy`s made it. My baby is two years old. This last year my periods been very painful and a lot of blood clots. I just want to find out if this is normal? If I should be worried about my health. Thank you for your time.


Patients with a history of multiple miscarriages are often evaluated for an inherited or acquired abnormality of blood clotting. I would discuss this possiblity with your obstetrician.

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Eric H Kraut, MD Eric H Kraut, MD
Professor of Hematology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University