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Breast Cancer

22 with a small lump/hard tissue



I noticed a little bit of a lump. The doctor said it is probably hard tissue, but wants me anyways to get a mammogram and an ultrasound. It appeared a month ago and has stayed the same. Is it a big deal if I waited 6 months before I got the mamogram and the ultrasound (I`m waiting for medical insurance)?


There is no way to tell whether this is a problem or not without a combination of an examination by an experienced physician and appropriate X-rays.  If you are under 35, then only an ultrasound is needed.  If you are over 35 and have never had a mammogram, then you should have both mammogram and ultrasound.

Since you don't have medical insurance, you could decrease the out of pocket expense by just getting the ultrasound to start with.

If this is a cancer, it will grow until it is removed.

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Jean T Stevenson, MD, FACS Jean T Stevenson, MD, FACS
Associate Professor of Surgery
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University