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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction Discussion



I have recently started a relationship with a very attractive male. I have never run into ED before. How do I bring up the subject? It is very frustrating. Whose place is it to start the discussion? We have had 3 "Failed Attempts". So far I have not said anything, nor has he. This is not something I want to live with. Thanks--any information would be greatly appreciated. This is a delicate subject to discuss with anyone.


I am sorry I do not have enough information to advise you. What is your age? And are you a man in new relationship with another man? If so, which one of you has ED?

As you know, ED stands for Erectile dysfunction. The term used to define the inability of a man to have adequate penile rigidity to penetrate his partner.

Sexual dysfunction among homosexual males, and a heterosexual female and male are different topics. Please provide us with more information. We may be able to be of some help.

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