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Myasthenia Gravis

Colonoscopy and prep OK with MG?



I`m a 51 female with generalized MG. I have my first colonoscopy scheduled and am concerned about the prep and/or the procedure causing problems with my MG. The prep includes Fleet Phosph-soda oral and Dulcolax tablets the night prior. I`m told the procedure includes Versed and Fentanyl. The GI nurse says no problem. I`m waiting to hear from my neuro nurse. Thank you so much.


You really must discuss this question with your treating neurologist. Every patient with MG is unique and I cannot assure you about the safety of a procedure without knowing you well. The safest thing to do is have your treating neurologist talk with your gastroenterologist. It is particularly important to consider your respiratory status and swallowing functions when using sedating medications.

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John G Quinlan, MD John G Quinlan, MD
Professor of Neurology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati