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Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Implants

Best adhesive for 2 (3) unit bridge.



Dr. I have a 3 unit bridge, but the attachment to the front canine anchor tooth is by a "key" groove in the top/side of the gold cap that matches a key (on middle false tooth) that fits down into this groove.

The other, rear anchor tooth is a "dressed" square stub of a root canaled molar. When this system was fitted it was very loose. In fact it fell out easily. I was concerned because with other anchored bridges I have had the fit of the crown over the anchor teeth was extremely tight, requiring effort to remove during the fitting process.

This keyed system has proved to be a problem, coming loose at the rear glued anchor tooth a number of times within weeks. Finally, I had a different Dentist in the same office re-glue it. This lasted over a year. This is my only chewing surface, so a year is acceptable. However, this time I would like to be sure the best adhesive for my bridge is being used. The cap and false tooth material is gold. The anchor tooth is full width, but very low; not a great amount to glue to.

I would greatly appreciate your opinion as to what brand and type adhesive would be best for my situation.

Thanks very much for your help.


It sounds like the problem is not the adhesive, but the lack of tooth structure left on which to glue your bridge. There is overwhelming evidence that the lack of retention due to a short tooth cannot be overcome reliably with any known cement. I recommend further investigation into ways to either improve the anchor tooth or revisit the bridge design entirely.

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Julie A Holloway, DDS, MS, FACP Julie A Holloway, DDS, MS, FACP
Associate Professor of Restorative and Prosthetic Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University