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Mental Health




My boyfriend and the father of my two kids, has some kind of mental problem. I will tell you little bit about it.Lately, he has been seeing and doing some odd thinks. And i don`t think that it is normal. He has been saying that he has been seeing thinks like the normal people around us, he has been saying that he feels that they are poccesed or that they are devil wiorshippers. He has also locking the store non stop. And he has not been wanting nobody in the house(which are the normal people). Some days are fine and other days are bad.He also thinks that he has no problem, so it is really hard to get help for him when he won`t acknowledge the fact that he is sick.My kids are in the house so i am scared that he is going to do something crazy.So, I am just asking you what I should do.


There is clearly something wrong with your boyfriend and you need to ask him to get professional help at a Community Mental Health Center or a psychiatrist in your area. I can understand why you would be worried, and I think you should consider seeing a counselor if he is not willing to get help (this way you can get some help figuring out what options you have). You can also talk to your primary care physician who may be able to offer advice.

Good luck!

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Radu   Saveanu, MD Radu Saveanu, MD
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