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I do have Hemochromatosis, have had phlebotomys to bring levels of iron down. For a long time my count was down to 7 I was going in the opposite direction even without phlebotomys, I was becoming anemic. Now in 3 months time frame it has shot up to 233 Ferritan and my ast test is 73 which is high. What is going on all of a sudden??? I am worried, because of the liver and heart damage.


We recommend phlebotomies be instituted to maintain a ferritin between 50 and 100 at the upper end.  You are quite correct - there is no benefit to being iron deficient or having a ferritin less than 20.

The fact that your ferritin may have gone up to 233 after 3 months is not surprising.  It simply implies that repeat phlebotomy would be indicated.

The cause of the AST elevation might be iron overload, although that ferritin is not very high.  You may want to discuss this with your doctor to find out if there are other possible causes for why the AST went up.

If you live close to Columbus, Ohio and we can help, we would be happy to take a referral.   You may contact Daphne Lockett at 614-293-9441.

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