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my husband had 2 toes removed last fri.he takes pain meds but still gets pain that last over an hour at a time when ever he gets up to walk to bathroom.how long before the pain gets easyer?


Pain following amputation should steadily improve, but the time course for this will vary, depending partly on the duration and severity of pain which may have been present prior to amputation. Depending on which toes were removed, a shoe insert or other shoe modification may help reduce pain related to walking. Typically, the stiffer the shoe sole, the less stress on the surgical site.

If your husband feels a need to limp, it would be best for him to temporarily make use of a cane or crutch (if he's not already doing so), usually in the opposite hand, to partially off-load the painful foot. If his pain medication does not sufficiently control his pain, the dose or type of medication(s) may need to be changed.

Your husband's physician is in the best position to provide both of you with answers and suggestions specific to your husband's situation.

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