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Enlarged uterus



I am going through peri-Menopause. I had a period that lasted almost 3 weeks, I went to the Dr. she said that my uterus is slightly enlarged. She is sending me for an endometri biopsy, some blood work, and an ultra sound of the plevic. I had to ultra sounds years ago, one showed fibroids, the 2nd one I was told that the fibroids were gone, and that I had cysts on my ovaries. Do I have anything serious to worry about? I am basically a healthy 51 year old woman. This was the longest menstrual period I`ve ever had!!!! I have been experiencing some pain my rigth hip & groin, could that have anything to do with it!!!!


Hormones and fibroids can both cause irregular bleeding at menopause.  It is good to do the endometrial biopsy to be sure the lining of the uterus is normal.  If there are signs of hyperplasia, your physician may want you to use progesterone for awhile or until you get to menopause.

The ultrasound should be able to see if you have a large cyst that could be responsible for your discomfort. During the pelvic exam your physician press on the large fibroids on the right side to see if they are causing your pain.  If your sono and pelvic exam are normal, check with your physician about other potential causes of the pain.

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