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Ringing in inner ear



A year ago I was given a Yorkshire Terrier pup. The past seven months I have been having ringing in my inner year 24/7. I also have been experiencing sinus drainage and mild pressure pain. I have had dogs all my life and never experienced allergec reactions to them.

Question: Could I be having an allergic reaction to the pup? Can this type of allergy cause constant 24/7 ringing in the inner year?


It is possible for allergies to animals to cause ear plugging leading to ringing of the ears and increased post nasal drainage and sinus pressure. In order to determine if the dog is a problem, you should be seen by an allergist/clinical immunologist who can test you to the dog and assess whether there is a relationship. These symptoms can occur in individuals with allergic and/or non-allergic rhinitis. However, ear ringing can be caused by a number of different problems such as overuse of aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, viruses, Meniere's disease (an inner ear problem associated with vertigo and ringing) and other less common problems. If it persists, you should see your doctor for further evaluation.

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