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Smoking and Tobacco

Black and Milds compared to Black and Mild FT



I have been smoking Black and Mild FTs now for about a year and a half. Recently, I have began being really curious as to what is actually in my cigar. I can only find articles on Black and Milds, which have what people refer to as "cancer paper" wrapped around the pipe tobacco on the inside of the fake leaf, but FTs do not have this paper. Two questions for you, Is their a difference in the chemicals/nicotine in black and milds and black and mild fts? and I can not find a website for the company, Middleton that makes these cigars. I cannot find any contact info on the internet? do you know how to contact the company that makes my smokes so I can ask them the nicotine level of my cigars?


Dear Black and Mild smoker,
Your question about the content of Black and Milds (B/M's), and various types of B/M's is a very interesting one.  I'm personally unaware of any studies done specifically on their nicotine content and as you've discovered, the company isn't talking.  But, I do note Dr. Karen Ahijevych's answer on Netwellness from two years ago stating that B/M's use pipe tobacco which usually has much more nicotine than cigarette tobacco.  B/M's are of course heavily and selectively marketed to the African American community.
And although interesting, I frankly consider the question of nicotine content irrelevant.  In many studies, smokers have been shown to extract the same amount of nicotine from low nicotine as high nicotine cigarettes, simply by smoking them harder and holding the smoke in longer.  As an addict, you'll probably suck out the amount of nicotine your body is craving.
The question is: what else are you getting in addition to the vicious hit that nicotine lays on your heart, brain and blood vessels?  Well, you get lots of carbon monoxide.  You get over a hundred different cancer-causing-chemicals.  You get plenty of emphysema-causing tar-irritants.  You get tooth loss, impotence, baldness, wrinkles, hearing loss, bad breath and smelly clothes, to name a few.
I've heard others in the tobacco prevention field call Black and Mild's, because of whom they kill, "Black and Dies."

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Rob  Crane, MD Rob Crane, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University