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Alzheimer's Disease

New Behaviors



My 83 year-old husband was diagnosed with frontal temporal dementia approximatley 4 years ago. He goes through phases of repeating the same activity such as eating one dish of ice cream after the other. He is able to get these things for himself and becomes upset if denied or reminded of how much he has already had. The latest repetive action is smoking cigarettes. He has never smoked cigerettes before. If I refused to purchase them, he tries to leave the house or class for a delivery. I know this behavior will end because the others have but I would like some tips for speeding that end along. He eats and sleeps very little.


It is hard to know what would help without more information. I would consider trying to substitute the smoking with another, safer oral behavior. Neuroleptics might help. Talk to your doctor.

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Peter J Whitehouse, MD, PhD Peter J Whitehouse, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University