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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Palpitations in the Throat Sometimes



I have been to my doctor and have told him that sometimes it feels like palpitations in my throat. They normally happen when my allergy/sinus act up or when I`m anxious. My doctor has diagnosed me with having anxiety. I have had an EKG and a routine stress test which came back fine. Also, I have had a blood test for clots which came back a little abnormal, so they have done a CT scan of my chest which showed a 4mm nodule on my lung. Could it be my anxiety or allery/sinuses?


I am afraid that I can not answer your specific question, as that is not the purpose of this site.  I will refer you to an excellent resource on anxiety disorder that describes many of the symptoms people get when they have an anxiety disorder.  If the symptoms seem to describe you, then it is likely your physician is correct.  If you do not feel they do, I would encourage you to go back to your physician for further evaluation.

Good Luck.

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