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Urinary and Genital Disorders (Children)

Daughters Kidney Reflux & Urine question



Hello! My daughter (will be 5 end of June) has Kidney reflux, grade 2. She takes Bactrim daily. Every time she has has her urine tested, she has always had small traces of blood in her urine. Back in October 2007, her Urologist had me do a 24 hour urine collection with her. Her total voided volume was only 130mL. The dr. thought it was an incomplete collection, but I did collect all of her urine. We just got the results last week (February 2008) and said her urine was concentrated with the specific gravity 1.038 and she was also low in citrate and magnesium in the urine. He wants her to be seem by a nephrologist, but that appt. isn`t for a a couple of months. Should I be worrying about anything? I am a little nervous. Thanks so much!!


Usually grade II reflux is not serious. It sounds like she needs to drink much more fluid, however. Having a high specific gravity can be a good thing--it means the kidneys are functioning well. Generally, with kidney disease, the kidneys do not concentrate urine very well.

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