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Hi I have type one bipolar disorder .I take 300 mg of seroquel every night. I like the effects of this medications on my mental health,but I am worry about type 2 diabetes.I am trying to find a special dietary suggestion that can reduce the risk. I try to be careful with sugar and fat and fried food,but I am not sure about other options. Considering the fact that I am slightly anemic , do you think it is a good to switch to white meat and reduce the amount of red meat in my diet? like one piece of stake or one filly sandwich a month? TX


There is some small frequency of diabetes developing in people with mental illness who are treated with seroquel and a number of related compounds in the class referred to as "atypical anti-psychotic" drugs.  The questions you are asking need to be addressed in the context of your overall risk for developing diabetes.  I would address this with either a primary care provider or perhaps seek consultation from an endocrinologist about your individual risk factors, how closely you should be monitored for that and what measures might be used to alter the probability of drug-induced diabetes developing. 

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
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