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Pulmonary Hypertension

Is my pulmonary hypertension pressure mild?



I am a 43 yr.old female who had an echo Jan.2 for heart palpitations, and to check on my mitral valve prolaspe. It showed that they no longer seen any mvp but said I had mild pulmonary hypertension. My pressure was 40 and Im wondering if that is mild. The doc. ordered pulmonary function test which came back normal. And wants to do another echo in May to see if the pressure has changed any. Is if possible for my pressure to never progress and for me to not ever get any worce. I feel pretty good, I can walk a mile or two but I just get short of breath if I climb alot of steps or try to lift or tote something heavy.


There are more results from the echocardiogram that would be useful to know, but based on your symptoms and the reported pressure, it is likely that your PH (if truly present) is mild. If you do have PH (which would be diagnosed for certain by cardiac catheterization), it is possible that it will get worse. Many of the causes of pulmonary hypertension such as mitral valve disease, blood clots, and others generally get worse over time unless they are treated. However, not all patients worsen and it is good that you are planning to do some follow-up testing.

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