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Dear Doctor, I am a 31 year old breastfeeding mother from india. recently i got my blood test done and the reports are as follows Hb: 10.9 hematocrit: 33.2 mcv: 80.1 mch:26.3 mchc:32.8 rdw:15.1 platelet count 301 mpv:7.2 rbc morphology : abnormal comment: mild anisopoikilocytosis with ovalocytes seen wbc shows normal morphology platelets appear adequate in smear. 2 months back i got my blood test done and hb was 12.9 with normal rbc morphology.

I am a breastfeeding mom Is there anything to worry about? can i continue breastfeeding my baby? I just feel giddy sometimes..rest everything uis fine. please help


Thank you for your question.  Breast feeding is fine.

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Eric H Kraut, MD Eric H Kraut, MD
Professor of Hematology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University