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Skin Care and Diseases

Under eye fat pockets



I am getting fat pockets under my eyes and don`t know why it is happening. I am the youngest of 6 in my family and though I am in my 50s, my sisters and brothers are much older and do not have them. What`s going on?


You are experiencing fat pockets under your eyes, a somewhat common and disturbing problem usually associated with advancing age. It is difficult to determine the cause over the internet, but the two most common causes of lower eyelid bulging are pseudoherniation of lower eyelid fat pads (i.e. bulging of the fat around your eyeball) and increased amounts of fluid in the eyelid.

I would recommend seeing a plastic surgeon in consultation who specializes in this problem. I have an interest and expertise in treating lower eyelid swelling, and if you are in the Cincinnati area, I would be happy to see you.

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Jesse A Taylor, MD Jesse A Taylor, MD
Formerly Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati