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I have a sharp pain that start in my kidney area and it goes into my stomach down to my groin. I`ve been to the doctors, but they can`t figure out whats going on. If had a scoping done, x-rays and a bunch of test but no one know anything. All I keep hearing is what it`s not. They`ve ruled out UTI, bladder cancer, kidney infections. The only thing we do know is that I have some type of infection, but don`t know what it`s from. If you have any suggestion I`m all ears.


I would see a urologist to ensure that you do not have a kidney stone and to check a urine. If that is negative, it may be worth seeing an anesthesia or pain specialist.

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Donald R Bodner, MD Donald R Bodner, MD
Professor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University