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How long can i prolong without medications for type 2 diabetes with only excise & diet as i am now aged 35yrs and i am a doctor,as of now my diabetes is in good control from frist detected a month ago.saw in some journals around 4yrs average.Can we prolong it more,as of now my FBS : 90MG/DL & PPBS: 102MG/DL(LATEST)


I don't think there is an answer to your question.  Our current concept is that both genes and environment impact on the risk of developing diabetes and on the rate of progression of diabetes.  There is too much heterogeneity among different people in the characteristics of the diabetes for there to be a highly defined course of progression.  The general trend for most people would be to have the severity progress over time.  I would need quite a bit more information in order to give you a much more specific answer.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati