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Red rashes



My baby (10 months old) is developing red rashes on ear,face,neck,backside, stomach,legs and subsides within 5-8 days.Some times fever also comes in between.This has occured 3 times in last 40 days.He is weak in the initial days and is having itching only in the last 2 days.We have consulted Paediatrician more than 5 times.First he thought it was due to viral infection and fever, but now he has suggested to see an allergic specialist. On blood test , it was observed haemoglobin level of 7.9, which indicates anaemia. Baby is taking normal smashed foods (rice with vegetables) and milk regularly from 6th month onwards. Can you suggest me the course of action/diagonosis i should follow? What could be the possible reasons?


From the facts you gave I cannot tell you what the specific diagnosis is. However, your baby appears to have a serious illness. You need to consult a competent allergist/immunologist or hematologist as soon as possible.

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