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Smear test result



Atypical glandular cells are present most likely reactive is the answer I had from my last smear. Can someone tell me what`s this and if its something what is it and what are the cures available? I`ve been pregnant recently and my baby has 2 months?? Thanks for your answer. I will really appreciate cause without your answer I`m going mad thinking horribly about this. Thanks again.


Well, atypical glandular cells means that the cells seen on the pap smear are from the glandular part of the cervix an aren't normal. They aren't bad enough to consider precancerous, but not normal enough to completely ignore. You need a detailed look at the cervix with a special microscope (colposcope), biopsy of the inside of the cervix and uterus, and testing for the human papilloma virus. Treatment will depend on what is found after that. It could be a result of the healing cervix from a vaginal delivery, but you still deserve an evaluation with colposcopy.

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