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Steven Johnson syndrome



I recently was diagnosed ith steven johnson syndrome, had 13 day stay in the hospital. my organs were not affected. To date my eyes have not been affected. The scars are fading with each day. Physically, life is back to normal. I was informed by my doctor how this could be fatal, with my recovery going so well, can i have reason to believe that i will live a long and full life? Im 36years old. Feeling as good as I ever did before I got sick.


It sounds like you are through the worst of it and there is no reason why you shouldn't live a long healthy life (provided you are healthy unrelated to the SJ reaction).  You need to identify the cause of the reaction (i.e. sulfa antibiotic?) and avoid the causative agent as reexposure can cause a similar or more severe reaction.  It is an "absolute" contraindication to ever take the drug that caused this reaction again.

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