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Pulmonary Fibrosis

Parenchymal fibrosis



i am 27 years old,male.i undergo chest xray yesterday because i felt backpain.X ray result states i have parenchymal fibrosis in both upper lobes.last week,i undergo x-ray also for my work abroad but the impression is i have a calcific scar in my right upper lung.is this a serious illness?what is its medication?is the scar in the lungs a permanent mark and cannot be treated?


Scars in the lung, like scars on the skin, are permanent and generally cannot be removed. However, the lung is remarkably resilient and able to withstand small scars without any ill effects. Calcified scars (often called calcified granulomas) are usually due to previous infections and are less worrisome.

In certain diseases, scar can continue to build up and this can result in conditions such as interstitial lung disease and pulmonary fibrosis. In your case, upper lobe scars in association with a calcified granuloma can be a sign of past infection and the infection that we worry most about would be tuberculosis. A pulmonologist would be the best specialist to review the x-ray and determine the cause of upper lobe scar and determine whether additional testing (such as a tuberculosis skin test)is needed.

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