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Digestive Disorders

Are there new gall bladder tests



Hello, For the past 20 years, I`ve had what I think is a gall bladder problem. It used to occur only once or twice a year (for about 15 years), but now it occurs more often, and becoming more frequent (about once a month now). Symptoms are fullness & bloating below rib cage, usually on the right side. Dull to moderate pain sometimes radiating to the back. Pain usually occurs in the evening or at night and takes about 6-10 hours to subside. During these episodes, I don`t feel any gurgling or movement in my intestinal system- almost as if things have stopped working. As the pain subsides, I get growling and gas. Years ago, I had upper GI, lower GI, "tube down the throat" - sorry I don`t remember the name of that one. Also had some sort of blood test while in the midst on an attack. I guess I was embarrased to keep going to doctors, ER, specialist and them not finding something, so for the past 10 years I`ve just gritted my teeth and lived through the episodes when they occur. But now the episodes are becoming much more frequent, so I wonder if there are newer tests that might locate stones, sand, etc., where they were elusive before........ Do you have any ideas for me? Thank you


It sounds like you need a right upper quadrant ultrasound. If that is negative another x-ray called a hida scan (hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid scan) might help.

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