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Spine and Back Health

Broken Sacral



My 15 year old son has had an x ray, an MRI and a CAT scan. He was diagnosed with a broken sacral bone (due to a soccer injury). It is plainly seen on the x ray. How long should it take to heal? Should he be restricted in any way? The pain is not bad enough to cause him to even need ADVIL.


Hello, thank you for your question. Each sacral fracture is unique, so it is not possible for me to accurately predict how long it will take to heal. However, as a general rule, in an otherwise healthy young person, I might expect a fracture to heal in about 8-12 weeks, assuming the broken edges of bone are well-approximated (meaning, close to each other and lined up well). Any restrictions should be discussed with the physician treating your son, as these will again vary depending on the fracture type and location. Good luck!

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David J Hart, MD David J Hart, MD
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University