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Breast Cancer

Overlap tissue and ultrasound



Today, I was called back to my breast clinic for more screenings on my left breast. They saw something on my original mammogram that I had 3 weeks ago and wanted to check it out. Last year, I had the same thing happen and they re-did the mammogram and told me that it was nothing, just "overlap" tissue. Today, after reviewing the pictures from the second mammogram, they said that they needed to do an ultra sound. After the ultra sound, I was told that they thought that it was "probably just overlap tissue", but they wanted me to come back in 6 months to have it checked again. Last year, they didn`t tell me to come back after 6 months. Should I be worried? Thank you.


No, I would not be worried. It sounds like you have a careful breast radiologist that wants to make sure everything is OK. It is quite common to call women back for follow-up view, ultrasound or repeat studies in 6 months. You should do monthly breast self exam and have your gynecologist or primary care physician do a good breast exam for you each year.

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