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Obesity and Weight Management

Can I avoid starvation mode without being sic



Hello about a year ago I started taking a birth control pill called yaz, since then Ive only been able to eat very small meals with out feeling stuffed. Recently I was neither loosing nor gaining weight but i was eating the wrong foods. My problem is If i eat the right foods my caloric intake is very low. (about 800) If I eat bigger meals i feel sick. I would like to eat healthy and drop some pounds but im afraid without the empty calories I was getting from the junk I ate that my body will go into starvation mode. I do eat 5 - 6 very small meals through out the day. Will this help with the problem?


Thank you for your question.

A starvation diet is one in which a person consumes less than 50% of the calories that he or she needs for daily functioning. The amount of calories needed daily is different for each person, so is difficult to say if your body would go into starvation mode after consistently eating 800 calories daily. It is important, however, to begin eating more healthily.

If you continue to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day, you should be able to get in all of the nutrients that your body needs and not have to eat too much at one meal. If you visit ChooseMyPlate.gov ,you will be able to enter come general personal information and receive an estimation of the number of calories that your body needs each day. The website will also provide you with a sample meal plan that will tell you the recommended number of servings you should be eating from each food group on a daily basis.

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Angela Blackstone, RD, LD
Staff Dietitian
Metabolic Surgery Program
Wexner Medical Center
The Ohio State University