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Abdominal myomectomy



I recently had a large fibroid removed that was as big as two footballs it reached to my breasts. it began rapidliy growing within six months but I had it since 2000. When they removed it they noticed a portion of it was dying. they ran tests and my doctor informed that there is a possiblity of cancer but I have to have another mri in may to see if there are anymore growths she said if yes then There is a grave chance that I have some form of cancer if no growths on the mri then I am fine. I`m stressed because I don`t understand if I had some form of cancer why couldn`t it be picked up from previous test. have you ever heard of this

signed, seriously concerned


It really depends on what the pathology report was on the first surgery. A normal fibroid has little potential for cancer. There are some rare fibroids that have some malignant potential. Without your pathology report, I can't really comment further. You should ask what from the pathology report was concerning. The size of the fibroids would not be a concern.

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