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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Urine Testing for Anxiety



I have severe anxiety. My doctor wants me to do a 24 hour urine test for Metanephrines Catecholamine VMA (don`t know if I spelled it right). I have two concerns regarding this test. (1) I also have to do a foot xray. If I do the foot xray before doing the urine test, will it affect the result of the urine test? Do I have to wait some time after doing the xray before doing the urine test? Or is it better to just do the urine test first? (2) My other concern is I read that emotional stress can affect the result of the urine test. Because I am always anxious and panicky daily, I`m not sure when I should do the urine test. Thank you for your help.


These are questions you should ask your doctor and the laboratory performing your test.  I can tell you that an x-ray of your foot will in no way affect this test.  As to what day is best for you to do the test, that is a decision your doctor will need to make with you.

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