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Breast Cancer

Breast pain and itching



I have been having a pain and itching in my breaast(s) for several months, gone to the doctor to no avail. Had mammogram, extensive mammogram, ultrasound and MRI and they found a 8mm lump on the first mammogram and then when they twisted and compressed in the extensive mammogram it was gone. Now the doctor has no clue so he prescribed what he told me was pain medication but I found out it was anti-depression medication. When do I go and what do I do?? I have pain and itching and am 45 yrs old and have 2 aunts that have had cancer and 1 had ovarian cancer. I also have had ovarian cysts and on BC pills since I was 18. Do I need to get another opinion or just learn to live with the pain and itching. Please help me


Breast pain and itching are usually benign (non-cancerous).  It would be very unlikely for these symptoms to be due to cancer especially since you indicated that you had a negative MRI.

If you are still uncomfortable, however, then you should seek a second opinion.

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Jean T Stevenson, MD, FACS Jean T Stevenson, MD, FACS
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