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Infection after erpc



hi i am realy worried basically a month ago i was happely pregnant untill i had a dating scan at 17 weeks they found that the baby didnt have a heart beat and had died 2months previous. they sed that the wall of my whom didnt look write after i had the scrape they found it was a partial molar pregnancy.like i said it has been a month and am worried about infection due to the fact i wasnt given antibiotics to take after so could you tell me what the symptoms would be. also it took the hospital ages to get back to us with the results and me and my partner stupidly started trying for another child now i am worried that i might be pregnant again because im not aloud to get pregnant for another year.so can you also tell me why you cant get pregnant after a molar pregnancy thanks


You don't need antibiotics after a D&C (scrape) unless you had infection prior to the procedure. Signs of infection would be fever, foul vaginal discharge or abdominal pain. A molar pregnancy is an abnormal growth of the placental tissue. It does have the risk of recurrence or even progression into a cancer. The only way to follow the course is to measure pregnancy hormone levels. This can only be done reliably if you are not pregnant. Once pregnant, there is no good way to distinguish normal from abnormal. That is why they ask for a year without pregnancy.

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