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Closed uterus



My Mom (52 years young) went to get her Pap done. The doctor told her that her Uterus was closed and that she needed an ultrasound. What does that mean and what causes the Uterus to close?


If the doctor is getting an ultrasound, my guess is that they tried to do a biopsy of the uterus, rather than a Pap. After menopause and the decline of estrogen, the cervix "shrinks" and can become stenotic or closed. This is relatively common. If you are trying to biopsy the lining of the uterus, it may not be possible to pass the biopsy instrument. An ultrasound can evaluated the lining of the uterus to see if there is a real need to even biopsy it. A pap smear, on the other hand, can be performed even if the cervix is closed.

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