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Breast Cancer

Breast pain



i am 20 yrs old. i have a mild pain and discomfort in both my breast and underarm for the past 4 or 5 yrs. my doctor said that it may be because of harmonal changes. but now i feel that the pain in my right breast persists even after my period.i have many lumps in both my breasts. i fear that i have brest cancer. is there any other reason other than cancer that i have such pain? i need ur help please.


Breast pain is fairly common and rarely signifies breast cancer. There are some techniques to lessen pain—decreasing caffeine intake from beverages and chocolate helps some people, for example. You can check out this website http://www.netwellness.org/healthtopics/women/breastpain.cfm about breast pain, as well. Lumps in your breasts that persist after your periods should be checked by your doctor. You are too young for mammograms to be very useful for screening but doing regular (monthly) breast self exam and having an annual MD exam is recommended. Sometimes your doctor will order an ultrasound to check lumps to be sure they are just cysts caused by fluctuations in your hormones.

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