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Pulmonary Fibrosis

PTB lesions



I am 27 yrs old civil engineer. I did not pass medical tests for my employment going Saudi Arabia.The findings in my medical Result is Calcific scar on upper right lung.I borrowed by xray films and went to two different radiologists for further interpretations and these are there findings. 1st radiologists findings March 20,2008: Linear parenchymal fibrosis on both lobes. 2nd radiologists findings March 25,2008: Few fibrosis in the upper outer right lung with costopleural thickening and PTB Lesions. Why there findings were different? What are the remedies for this disease? Can this be treated or healed? I am so worried right now because of unemployment for this kind of medical result.I did not smoke but I have a brochitis during age 14. Thank you...


Radiologists will often use different words to describe the same abnormality on a chest x-ray so it is quite possible that they are referring to the same abnormality. I am not sure what "PTB lesions" are but from the location and description, one possibility is "post-tuberculosis lesions". It would be a good idea to see a physician for further testing which could include a tuberculosis skin test or perhaps a chest CT scan. It is important to know that many other, less serious, infections can also cause these same changes on the chest x-ray so just because there are abnormalities does not necessarily mean that you have had previous tuberculosis. Also, even if the abnormalities are due to previous tuberculosis, it does not necessarily mean that you are contagious now. Either way, it is a good idea to get it checked out by a physician.

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