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I have been with my boyfriend for four years and I have only had sex with two guys in my whole life. Well a while ago I started noticing a white discharge that sorta smelled but not really. The discharge happens constantly. I also have the same discharge happen when I am having intercourse. But sex does not hurt at all. Well I forgot about it but it is still happening. Then recently I had a lympnode I guess you would say swell up right between my leg and vagina. Well, its hard and hurts when you poke it. I do not have any iching or burning or anything. Do you know what it might be?


There are many causes for vaginal discharge. Of the three most common, only one is a sexually transmitted infection. Trichomonas is transmitted from partner to partner through sex. It usually has a thin, frothy white discharge with odor. A vaginal yeast infection is a thick and paste-like discharge with intense itching and little odor. Lastly there is bacterial vaginosis. This isn't so much an infection, but rather an imbalance in the bacteria of the vagina. It has a thin discharge with irritation and bad odor. It occurs when something like douching, or feminine hygiene products or even antibiotics alter the normal bacteria of the vagina. These are all easily diagnosed by taking a sample of the discharge and viewing it under a microscope. Treatment with an antibiotic or antifungal can irradicate it. Other sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia or gonorrhea can cause a discharge and are diagnosed with a cervical culture. You should be evaluated to find out what is causing this discharge.

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