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Endometriosis surgery



my doctor suspects i have endo. and wants to do a laparoscopy on me to remove the cysts created by endo. there are 3 cysts in total visible on mri. 2 on the right ovary about 4.6cm and 3.6cm and one of the left about 3.3cm. im only 22 an not in much pain since im on BC. my parents do not want me to have the surgery. ive had 2 more opinions and one of those was to "wait and see". and the other was that i dont need treatment for what i have. im confused, yet i do trust my doctor. what are my options? i dont want to become infertile if i wait yet i dont want to have an unnecessary surgery. thank you


If the ovarian cysts are complex and persistent (2-3 months) then they should be addressed. There is no way to know if they are endo or another ovarian neoplasm. Surgery is the only way to know for sure.

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