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Irregular cycles or possible pregnancy.



I have always had irregular cycles every since I started my first menustral(13). I am 26 now. Sometimes I won`t have a period for 2to 3 months.I have two children,Normal deliveries. Just recently I have had aspotting problem. On 12/31/07 I bled for two days(normal is4 days). Then on 2/05/08 I spotted for 8 days brownish color. I took a pregnancy test on 3/17/08 it was neg. On 3/23/08 I had a red blotch in my underwear for 1 day. No cramping. On 4/04/08 I was moving furniture in the kitchen and started cramping as soon as I stop moving the furniture the cramps stop.Now today when I went to void I saw a brownish tissue like mass in the toilet. no cramping. Yesterday I did do exercise routine. I am not on any BC due to liver surgery. I just want to know what could be going on with my body.


Your irregular bleeding is likely due to the failure to ovulate (chronic anovulation-search for previous questions). There are many causes of this, but they can all be ruled out by a detailed history and physical. This could also be related to any chronic liver disease you are suffering from.

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