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Parkinson's Disease

Exposure to chemicals



From 1972 til 1979 I was in the NAVY and was using a cleaning solvent that was widely used by all branches of the military at that time. It was called "TRICHLOROETHYLENE" or TCE. I had the stuff on myy clothes and me for days at a time. I ate meals with it all over me, no extra water for bathing on a minesweeper while out at sea for extended periods.Anyway, I was constantly exposed for seven years to TCE and I now have Parkinsons Disease. Diagnosed in 1999 but have had symptoms for years prior to that. Could exposure to TCE have caused the early onset of PD ?


Clinicians and researchers have long believed there is a link between the risk of developing Parkinson's disease (PD) and chronic exposure to numerous toxins.  Through the years, research has shown conflicting or insignificant results with regards to clinical data supporting a link to several toxins studied.  There was a recent study from the University of Kentucky implicating trichloroethylene exposure in increasing risk of developing PD, but at this time further research still needs to be done to support these findings.   


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Punit  Agrawal, DO Punit Agrawal, DO
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