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Vascular Surgery

Muscle cramps in legs- thighs,calves,arms too



Many tests done including ultra sound on leg with blood pressure, All normal. Low ferratin- muscles spasms decrease significantly with iron infusion but not completely, NEUROLOGISTS SEEN-TESTS NORMAL INCLUDING MUSCLE TESTS AND MRI. ALSO ALLERGY LIKE REACTIONS which at times causes sweating and chin to become numb- neurology not concrned about. Said might need to go to vascular Dr,. but did not explain. Did not follow his statement, since, he stated ultrasound normal. Muscle cramp mostly at night when go to bed not when walking and up. Should I seek a vascular Dr. and how? or some other doctor? Have seen neurologist, endocrinology, hematologist,allergist, and rheumatologist. Any suggestions would be appreciated. HORMONES HAVE BEEN TESTED ALL NORMAL TESTS. Thyroid(Family have low thyoid difficulty diagnosing)too and adrenlin,etc.. all normal. Stress test 18 months ago normal due to these symptoms. In forties, and have diabetes but in good control- no problems. When chin numb -blood sugar normal.


Hello. You don't mention where you get muscle cramps at night. If it is your legs, there is a slight possibility it is problems with your veins. Your primary care physician can order a vein reflux study to check the valves. Good luck!

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