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Transmission of yeast infections



I am a 61 year old woman and my sexual partner is a 68 year old man. Since pregnancy has never been an issue (I`ve had a hysterectomy) we have unprotected sex. We are both clean in our habits. He pees and washes his penis after sex and I pee and wash myself, although I rarely douche, should I?. We have been lovers for the last 7 years. He recently was diagnosed with a yeast infection and we are refraining from sexual contact until it is cleared up. I have no obvious symptoms of a yeast infection, but should I get checked by a physician to be sure I didn`t infect him, or vice versa, that he hasn`t infected me?


Douching is not a good idea. It disrupts the balance of the normal bacteria in the vagina and can lead to infection like yeast. The imbalance can also cause symptoms of vaginal irritation and odor. As for passing on a yeast infection, it is not really possible. The type of yeast that causes symptoms generally only infects the moist, warm, environment of the vagina.

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