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Allergies causing swollen eye lid



Hi there, It`s that time of the year again and my allergies have been flaring up. I have started taking my Allegra 120mg once a day and I use Olopat (Olopatadine HCL 0.1) for my eyes. My sneezing is somewhat under control, but the Olopat doesn`t seem to be working for my eyes. It worked for the first week or so, but after that I don`t believe it has been that effective. I believe it maybe making my eyes worse. Does the Olopat get affected by cold or heat?

I woke up this morning with my left under eye lid swollen towards the outer edge of the eye. Ice-packing helped for a few hours, but the swelling keeps coming back. I had to use steroid eye drops in the past. Not sure if I need that again? Do I continue to use the Olopat? Please advise.


Other anti-allergic eye medications are available. These contain prescription drugs so either your primary care doctor or an allergist could prescribe them.

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