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Bipolar Disorder (Children and Adolescents)

Bipolar Disorder



I am living with Bipolar Disorder and I am not on any medication. My doctor has tried all the new meds, and none work for me. Is there a med you could suggest? I have depression, obsession-compulsions. My doctor has tried everything but says my body resists these meds. Is this correct? How can one function without meds?


You have described a situation that unfortunately is not uncommon - bipolar disorder with resistant depression and even obsessions and compulsions. I'm not sure what "everything" is, but there are numerous medications and combinations that can be considered and even such treatments as electroconvulsive therapy in the most resistant form of the disorder. My recommendation would be to work with your current psychiatrist, but get a second opinion at an academic center that specializes in bipolar disorder for an evaluation. They also may have a research protocol with investigational medications that might be an alternative.

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