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Pain Management

Pelvic Pain



I pain across the back of my pelvis-between my hips. It is worse in the mornings. It is stiff, with burning pain. My doctor took an x-ray and MRI. The physical therapist said I had sacroiliac joint dysfunction. My doctor said I did not. He said the imaging studies were normal. But the radiologist report said: Multi-level DDD, several hemangiomas, mild scleroses at the symphysis pubis; and incidental note of phleboliths in pelvis. My question is: what are these things and could they be causing my pelvic pain. My doctor does not answer me.


Thank you of your question. It is hard to identify the source of the pelvic pain. Definitely the Sacroiliac and the DDD may be a factor in that. What we can do is a diagnostic injection at the SI joint and another one at the facet joint to see if that would relief your pelvic pain after making sure that there are no other pathology for your pelvic pain coming from the pelvic organs.

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Hammam  Akbik, MD, FIPP Hammam Akbik, MD, FIPP
Formerly, Assistant Professor of Anesthesia
College of Medicine
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