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Lung Cancer

Non-calcified pulmonary nodules



I was hospitalized 4 weeks ago with multiple DVT`s and PE`s. The Dr. ordered a CT scan while I was in the hospital. I am on long term care now with coumadin as I was diagnosed with Factor VLeiden and Lupus Anticoagulation. My family phsician just reviewed the CT scan and discovered that I have `multiple pulmonary nodules, non-calcified`. The Dr spoke with the radiologist and the hematologist (I was seen by the hematologist immediately after leaving the hospital). The hematologist wants to review the CT scan now and they will then determine a course of action. Well, of course the suspense is getting to me.... what is the likelihood of the nodules being cancerous? What other diagnosis` could be made? Yuck.... driving me crazy!


The risk of cancer depends on the size of the nodules, your age and whether or not you smoke.  If they are less than 1cm, most likely they are benign.  However, they will need to be followed closely. 

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Sandra L Starnes, MD Sandra L Starnes, MD
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