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Period over 8 weeks



My wife and I decided to try for a baby. She was on the pill and came off over 6 months ago. Prior to the pill her periods were 5-6 weekly. Recently her last period was over 8 weeks ago. The one before that was 8.5 weeks. The one before that was 6 weeks. We have done pregnancy tests which came up negative. She has been to her GMP who carried out some blood tests, which she said were normal and that she did not have polycystic ovaries. What do you think is causing this and is there anything we can do to improve the chances of getting pregnant?


As your wife's periods are irregular (greater than every 5 weeks), she is probably not ovulating.  A hormonal work-up (including thyroid testing) should be performed.  Treatment typically would consist of a fertility pill to correct her ovulatory problem.  Prior to treatment, a semen analysis should be performed in you to assess sperm counts, motility, etc.  She can also consider having a dye test to make sure that the tubes are open (hysterosalpingogram or HSG).

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Daniel B Williams, MD Daniel B Williams, MD
College of Medicine
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