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Missing menstrual cycle



I had a baby in January 2007 and had a normal period until July of 2007 and haven`t had a period since (April 2008). I have been getting cramps monthly like I am about to start, but nothing ever happens from it. I scheduled an appointment for a pap two months ago, but they couldn`t get me in until the end of May and I am starting to worry. Over the last 8 months, I have gained about 30 pounds and have started getting facial hair. I`m only 25 years old. What should I do? Should I try to find another doctor to get into sooner?


You should get seen soon, but I don't think the end of May is too far away since you have been dealing with this for so long, especially if your Ob/Gyn knows you well. If not, then you could try to see someone sooner. You may have a hormonal condition that is causing all of this. On the other hand, the weight gain may have been what lead to the abnormal bleeding in the first place.

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