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FSH AND LH Levels - are these normal?



Hi, i wonder if you can help? I am 21 and decided to start trying for a baby a year and a half ago when we got married. Never thought I would have problems! I conceived after a few months last year but it was a blighted ovum. Nothing has happened in a year now so I went to have some tests done. They did a laproscopy which picked up that my right ovary was enlarged, maybe de to a cyst that dissapeared, and that the dye fell more to the right side than the left when they checked my tubes. Also that my womb was retroverted. Will any of these things cause a problem? More of a problem is that I am slightly concerned about my blood results. My 3 day FSH level was 9.2 iu/L and my LH 7.1 iu/L. Is my FSH levels high for someone of my age? My other results were testosterone <0.7 nmol/L, sex hormone binding glob 61 nmol/L. My 21 day progesterone was 31.5 nmol/L. I would greatly appreciate it if you could finally put my mind at rest as my doctor as booked another appt for a year and I dont think I can live with all these questions till then. Many Thanks


At this point, your tubes are both open, you are ovulating, and your FSH level of < 10 is completely normal.  A retroverted uterus does not cause infertility.  Assuming that your husband has a normal semen analysis, you would be diagnosed with unexplained infertility.  There are a number of treatment options for this condition. 

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