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A severe reaction to sun and heat



I have had a severe reaction to sun and heat that came about overnight many years ago. (approx.6). This is a real problem as it prohibits me from sunning in our pool, enjoying life at our home in Florida, boating, and going on tropical trips! Even dring home with a hot pizza on my lap is a no! Any contact with heat immediately affects the contact area. I have seen my family doc and 4 specialist with no positive results or treatment. I`m at my wits end. With the warm weather upon us, I want answers, and hopefully a traetment that works for me! Can you please help! PS I am 54 yrs. old, WHY DID THIS suddenly appear, after a lifetime of being outdoors? Many thanks,


People can develop photodermatitis, heat induced hives, solar urticaria (hives induced by sunlight). It is unclear whether you are just getting redness or actual hives or an eczematous dermatitis. Many of these conditions are idiopathic of unknown cause). If you haven't tried sun block then you should be vigilant about wearing this outdoors. You should rule out endocrinologic problems (peri or post menopause, thyroid disease...). There are other potential treatments that could lessen or prevent this condition but further history and evaluation is warranted before specific recommendations can be made.

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