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Low follicles seen on ultrasound



I had Ultrasound done on the 3rd day of my cyle. The results says that 4 follicles were seen on my right ovary, and that my left ovary could not be seen. What does this mean? My FSH, AND MY LH were normal. My cyles have been on time but my flow has been crazy. Does this mean I won`t be able to have any more children? Could I mean in Perimenopause? I am 41 years old. Thanks


If you are 41 and attempting conception, you should see a fertility specialist right away, as your chances to conceive do decrease significantly after 40.  Your infertility specialist will discuss various treatment options. 

If your cycles are irregular and you are having menopausal symptoms, you could be in the perimenopause.  However, your FSH testing was normal, which is reassuring.

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Daniel B Williams, MD Daniel B Williams, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati